Implicit Emotions Measure

Marketing managers have long tried to activate emotions in communications to stimulate consumption behaviours without knowing which implicit emotions to target in their category, and how.

Our world-first patented invention, Prophecy Feelings®, provides a platform for the non-conscious measurement of emotions. This ground-breaking method reveals the hierarchy of discrete emotions that motivate consumers to make purchase decisions, before they enter the conscious mind.

Prophecy Feelings measures the intensity of respondents’ emotional responses to stimuli via an online interactive game-style portal that metaphorically represents nine core consumption related emotions.

Forethought has proven, through a latency study, that participants responded in the implicit time window of <1 second. This gives us the confidence that cognitive processing is at a minimum when using Prophecy Feelings.

When used together with partner methodology Prophecy Thoughts®, the methods reveal the relative importance of emotion versus the rational to guide the overall design of marketing stimuli.

These methods place Marketers in a unique position to heighten the precision of their decision making, by accurately predicting the effects on acquisition and retention to solve organisational growth challenges.


It is critical that Marketers understand the discrete emotions driving choice and, ultimately, retention or acquisition in category.

Prophecy Feelings identifies the relative importance of the discrete emotions driving consumption behaviour at a category, brand and communications level.


Forethought methodology Prophecy Feelings answers the critical questions asked by brand owners and advertisers: What is the hierarchy of discrete emotions driving choice behaviour in my category?

These methods provide you with the power to examine how brand and communications perform on the choice driven emotions and inform action to achieve the greatest engagement on those emotions.

So Tell Me How You Feel

This article considers emotions in advertising, exploring what creative agencies and marketers want to know: How to identify and measure the non-conscious discrete emotions elicited by the purchase and consumption situation in your category.

A Revolution in Advertising Testing

The drivers of behavioural change required to lift market-share are rarely measured in Ad testing. Instead, a bewildering array of surrogate measures anchored to a pre-search and social normative database are used.


When the objective of communications is bringing about business outcomes such as gaining market share, then the creative idea and measurement should have its genesis in the associated rational (explicit) and emotive (implicit) drivers.